Dings from hail damage


A few years ago, hail damaged my car. There’s no rust or paint peeling, but now I want to sell it and I need to figure out the cheapest way to make it look better. Any thoughts? (It’s a 2001 Honda Civic)


If the paint is not broken, I’d ignore it and sell it as is. You can spend a LOT of money trying to remove multiple small dents. Clean it, wax it, sell it.


I’ve had paint-less repair placed remove little dings pretty cheaply, less than $100 each, shop around an see what you can find.


Price it accordingly and it will sell.

You liekly collected a nice insurance check when the damage occured so now its time to loose that money in the sale…


ins would have paid to have that replaced when it was damaged


One of my students had serious hail damage on his car. To his great surprise (and delight) after he parked it in a hot sun (upstate NY, not Arizona) all the dents disappeared. Worth a try.


I know someone else that had this happen on a hot day. I’ve also heard that you can, on a hot day, apply dry ice directly over the ding and as the metal contracts the ding will pop out like magic. Be sure to wear dry ice gloves if you try this.


That’s exactly how the “paintless repair” places do it, with dry ice and powerful suction cups…(like are used to lift plate glass)…But people interested in 2001 Civics will not care…