2018 Cadillac Escalade - Hail Damage

Hail damage causes need for new hood and roof of car. Will this be a problem for resale and safety during rollovers or any accident?

Resale might be a little lower but not enough to worry about . Safety will not be effected .

No it won’t affect safety long as the job is properly done.

I would strongly recommend paintless dent removal, however. These techs can do amazing things with hail damage withOUT replacing the roof panel or hood or even having to paint it. They “massage” out the dents with special tools and techniques. And it is cheaper so insurance will be happier. It is usually quicker so you are happier.


Lower resale ? Absolutely. This car has a retail value of $50,000 or so undamaged. There will be a carfax showing the damage. Could easily be 10% to 15% reduction or more. The newer the car, the bigger the hit. If fixed via paintless dent removal, loss of value is less. Any trade in appraiser will go over the car with a device to measure the thickness of the paint. Any paint work lessens the value.
Modern body shops give a lifetime guarantee. So, if fixed correctly there should be no problems, and the longer you keep it, the lower the diminished value.

How bad is the damage?

Sometimes leaving the car out in the sun for a few days will allow small dents to pop back out on their own, or so I’ve read. I haven’t needed to try it myself.

Well . . . did you file an insurance claim?

I’ll assume you have comprehensive . . .

If you do have comprehensive insurance and you didn’t file a claim . . . WHY


I don’t think I would be enamored with cutting the roof off.Surely paintless dent repair is an option if possible.

If I were a future buyer and found the roof had been removed at one point I’d turn and walk instantly no matter the reason.