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Clutch 99 Camry

Car has 170,000 miles and needing to replace the clutch. I’ve had several quotes from Toyota dealers and other shop owners. The question remains, with the amount of mileage, should I have a new flywheel put in or have the original turned given that I want to keep it at least another year or more? I’m already looking at least $900-$1000 repair without a new flywheel

You want to have the flywheel machined if possible or replaced. This is one of those repairs where you don’t want to take any shortcuts. If the clutch disc doesn’t seat properly on the used flywheel, the whole has to be taken apart again to either machine or replace the flywheel.


The condition of the flywheel can best be determined after the clutch has been removed. At this point you’re just guessing. I’d have the flywheel resurfaced unless there’s too much damage, but you won’t know until someone can look at the flywheel.