Start-Up / Non-Start

My '05 Jeep GC will sometimes not start when I turn the key. At first I thought it was me not turning the key far enough. the battery is NEW. Some times it would require two attempts before I’d hear a couple of clicks followed by ignition. The problem would then go away! Today it took six turns before starting. I also heard the couple of clicks before start-up. It’s running and starting fine again. The problem is intermittentas day’s or weeks can go by. My mechanic also has another Jeep GC that is now in his shop with the same type problem. That owner was charged over a “grand” by the Dealer with NO resolve! Does anyone know what causes this and what the fix is?? Three of us need help & advice.

I would start with a new shop. To me it sounds like it may be the switch or part of the starter.

I agree. But I have to admit that an intermittant problem of this nature can be hard to find unless it happens at the shop where you can check for power to the bendix assembly when the key is turned.

Try this. If it doesn’t start with a flip of the key, shift to neutral and try again. If it starts, or cranks, than the neutral safety switch may be bad. If no change, it may be the ignition switch. I’ve heard that Dodge/Chrysler/Jeeps have ignition switch problems similar to this.