'The Ordinary License Plate's Days May Be Numbered'

Yeah, that’s absurd. If someone wants a digital plate, fine, but I don’t, and I don’t want to pay for one.

I would be especially peeved if they made me pay 700 bucks for my license plates and then used it to display ads. No, sorry, I don’t drive in NASCAR. Ads are not acceptable on my property, vehicle or otherwise, unless I both consent and get paid for them.


This was already discussed here

Agreed, I even have the dealership take off their stick on advertisements on the trunk…

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After further consideration, I just might advertise Alfred E. Neuman for president.


I was hoping “Ordinary license plate’s days may be numbered” would remove one of my few frustrations in life, the front license plate.

On most cars it just ruins the looks of an otherwise gorgeous car. On some cars, it’s blocking the air flow to the radiator.

It’s just wrong.

If the front plate stays, can we at least go to a wider, shorter plate, as in Europe?

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Maybe we should have a chip implanted in our butt cheeks at birth, and every permission and restriction we are given can be programmed so the powers that be can keep track of our transgressions. And our bodies can transmit advertisements when they emit particulate matter.

This is why my MR2 sports one of these:

My coworkers call me James Bond now. :wink:

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Dang it but that’s neat.
And proves (to me anyway) I’m not crazy, that the front license plate really is an abomination.
As it happens, my current, maybe last, car is a Toyota Venza, and it sure seems as if the front license plate was designed in.

(Disclaimer: Not my car, just a photo taken from Google Images for illustration.)

Some burrito shop in San Francisco offered burritos for life to anyone who got a shop tattoo.