Cost of License Plate Registration Sticker

I just bought the annual registration sticker for the state license plate for the car for $103.37.

umm, what is your question?


It is a statement.

I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I just renewed the license on one of my cars for 2 years for $112. But last place I lived I paid almost $350 for a 3 year old car.

I’m curious about the state in which you reside.
In–supposedly “high tax”–New Jersey, it costs me $71.50 per year for vehicle registration, and that fee includes the state inspection fee.

The great state of Illinois.

We have 2 cars and our annual registration stickers are $84 each, irrespective car size. In some countries that fee is graded by vehicle weight and engine horsepower. This makes a Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 almost unaffordable to drive in some Asian and European countries. You are lucky to have to pay only $103!

In France, a 4 cylinder compact has about a $65 annual fee whereas a large V8 US style car, like a Crown Victoria or LIncoln Town Car, incurs an annual fee of $1500!!! Countries without oil and with narrow streets have to do that type of thing.

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Such a deal! That’s less than my least expensive car. I have six of them and six or eight boats. I like Florida telling it like it is. One doesn’t go to the DMV or Secretary of State here to renew car registrations. The offices that handle that are called Tax Collector.
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The ( Pension Bankrupt State ) of Illinois .

There, I fixed for you.

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In my northern state the fee at one time was based on weight (vehicle’s) and now it’s based on original price of vehicle (determined by a data base of VINs). So, either way if you drive an old Lincoln or Cadillac land yacht the renewals are quite expensive even if the vehicle’s worth a hundred bucks.
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I paid $95 for 2 years in NM for my 30-year-old pickup.

It is, of course, a tax: the sticker cost 10¢. If we stop collecting vehicle registration fees and fuel taxes we can stop building roads and enforcing the motor vehicle code: think how much better that would be!

Chicagoland has a great public transportation system. Sell the car and take the bus or train. I went to a professional conference in Arlington Heights. I took a train from Midway airport to Arlington Heights, then walked, with luggage, about 10 blocks to my hotel.


I just paid the registration on my Corolla, $130 as I recall. Last year it was about $100, but it went up due to a tax hike on California gasoline and registration fees. On my way doing some errands this morning, I was twice asked to sign a petition to put a measure on the ballot to repeal that same tax hike in the next election.

I think my Florida registration was around $60 and based on the vehicle weight. Not enough $ to worry about.

Now a new registration can be pricey. $200 for the first registration, $90 for a new FL title and then plates. My truck and motorcycle didn’t require the $200 fee for some reason.

I paid $130 for my ‘99 Crown Vic in good ole Southern California.

I believe the base registration fee total in California is now a bit over $130 a year. @George_San_Jose1 and @John_Andrew_McCormick and I all have that history, and mine is for a 1987 Honda Elite 150 cc scooter. That’s got to be the cheapest thing on the road that has to be registered at all. At least I don’t have to have it smogged, which costs at least $25 with a good coupon, here in the Bay Area.

My wife just paid $332 for her 2016 Honda CR-V renewal.

$120 per year here in southern Ontario. By the way thanks for reminding me, I’ve got thirty days to renew mine.

In case anyone’s interested, gas is $1.38 per litre this morning. $5.20 per US gallon. Vancouver just set a north american record apparently at $1.62 per litre.

It doesn’t matter where you live, the state needs money to operate and they will extract it from you in some way, shape or form. Here, we have no income or sales tax but we do have property taxes, including excise tax on your vehicle(s). That is added to the yearly bill for “registration”. In the first year of ownership, the bill can be quite high, like $450 on a $35k vehicle. It drops fairly rapidly over the ensuing 5 years and levels out to around $100. Then you get to have your yearly inspection which is about $45.

It gets really interesting when you live in one state and work in another. Around here, that can mean you get the royal treatment (not in a good way); high income tax from one state and high property tax in another. A double whammy.

There are alternative ways to look at the tax thing than just property tax and income tax. Look at total tax per person budgeted by State divided by the number of state residents.

Illinois state tax budget / # people = $6800 per person
New York = $7525 per person
New Mexico = $8792 per person
Texas = $3759 per person
Florida = $4395 per person
Tennessee = $5208 per person

I think this is a more accurate way of assessing a state’s effectiveness in the use of our money.

Illinois, New York and New Mexico don’t look very efficient with their use of taxpayers money when compared to Texas, Florida and Tennessee - 3 states with no income taxes.