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Diffrent sized tires

2001 s-10 2 wheel dr auto…can i have bigger tires in back or smaller in front?..[ 2 whell drive ]
will antilock or wheel speed sensors be an issue?..
also will a 235 70 15 on a stock s-10 rim fit in front or will it rub???

Go to and check out their tire size calculator. This model S10 has two different stock tire sizes listed, so you need to do the calculation based on your stock tire size.

If the truck is equipped with antilock brakes, it WILL be an issue…You will have to disable the system…

What do you hope to accomplish by doing this???

You can do anything you want along these lines with no ill effects on the mechanics. Expect it to handle differently which may have ill effects on the driver and passenger. If you are doing this to increase the load capacity in the rear, be real careful you stay within the guidelines of the owners manual. Otherwise, I would just go with larger tires all the way around. Stay consistent. I have used “power dog” calculator and do a dynamic test fit before committing myself.