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Different height tires

2001 Toyota Camry. Right rear fender is a little bashed in from a sideswipe. Tire rubs on speed bumps and similar bumps if too fast. Tire was almost new but now worn down to no tread on outer edge of tread from rub, so it rarely rubs anymore. Tires are P205/65R15
I need all new tires, so I am considering switching all to slightly less diameter. I understand speedo and odo will not be accurate, but otherwise a workable solution? And would you advise P205/60R15 or P195/65R15 ?

It if were me, I’d simply get the car fixed properly.


Apparently you are not going to fix this properly. At least pay a body shop to pull the fender out so you don’t ruin anymore tires. Changing sizes may not really help.


Take a baseball bat, and place it between the tire and the wheel opening on the quarter panel at the back of the tire.

Now have someone slowly drive the car forward as you roll the bat between the tire and wheel opening to push it away from the tire.



I maybe misunderstood but did the tire wear down because of hitting the quarter panel or because alignment has been knocked out for that wheel? Isn’t going to take much to pull the quarter panel out enough to clear the standard sized tire.

My long lost relative. Don’t pound out fender. Just get a smaller tire. Genius.

Is Jeff Foxworthy still around, and looking for new material?


Tester for the win!

NASCAR style.