Diesel Mechanics

Does anyone know diesel mechanic who works on small vehicles in Salt Lake City? I have a 2005 Jeep liberty diesel.

I really don’t think you need a diesel mechanic to work on your vehicle. A good, independent mechanic should have no problem repairing the Liberty.

Unless it’s an engine problem. Most mechanics I know shy away from any kind of diesel problem.

What’s the problem??

Diesel is simpler than today’s current gas engines so…whats up?

When one of the primary ingredients of the gasoline engines operation, which is one of the greatest causes for the public seeking a professional mechanic is eliminated from the equation automobile mechanics are sometimes lost. There is no apparent tach signal, no way to quickly isolate a miss, no way to quickly check compression and no vacuum to test? Add to that the really poor offering of diesels from the Big 3, i.e., the Olds based debacle. I avoided them for the most part because they were so problematical and the automobiles they were in depreciated to scrap value quickly which made them unsellable for the cost of the repairs done. Mechanics must demand pre-payment for repairs on cars with no resale value. They became a cottage industry for back yard mechanics.

LOL…Rod…you reminded me of the Old’s Diesel of what? 85? OMG…what a stinky, rattling HORRENDOUS PILE of horse manure that vehicle was…I believe GM just tried to beef up a 350 to handle the stresses of Diesel work…when a Diesel needs to be engineered from the GROUND up to BE a Diesel…Oh what nightmares those things were…and I was too young to be allowed to try and help fix them at the time…I was bout 13 at the time…so I would stand by and watch the adults curse at this new car…LOL…I knew enough to help but they were ANGRY as spooked hornets around that rattle trap…

ANYWAY…Diesels are simple beasts…they work on the basics and MOST if not ALL of their issues revolve around FUELING…so WHATS UP DOOD…WHAT IS YOUR ISSUE?


Working on diesels was and is a losing proposition. When a shop is turning down walk in customers driving the run of the mill vehicles with common problems why bang your head against the wall. If it’s a Cummins or a Perkins or a Toyota bring it on. But those rarely need anything beyond water pumps and filters. The issue seems to be it is no surprise to me that many shops avoid diesels. Who makes the Jeep Liberty diesel, anyway?

Rod…I think the diesel engine is manufactured by VM Motori in Italy. The engine could not meet the new 2007 diesel emissions standards so it was dropped by Jeep. Since finding this out I think I’m changing my mind about not needing a diesel mechanic to repair the vehicle.

Modern diesels are none too simple. Saw a Ford pickup with the hood open at the car show - looked like the insides of the Space Shuttle in there, coolers, intercooolers, turbos, couldn’t see the block. And common rail high pressure injection adds to the complexity.