1998 Dodge Ram 2500 - How To Find An Honest Diesel Mechanic

find an honest diesel mechanic

Why do I need a diesel mechanic ?
All my vehicles are gas.

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I’m sure if you tell folks where you’re located someone will have a recommendation.

Only if someone who happens to live in the same town just happens to see the post . That is highly unlikely . That is why things like Yelp , Angies List and other online reviews exist.

In other words, don’t bother with this site, it’s hopeless. Got it.

You find a good mechanic the same way you’d find a good electrician, plumber, HVAC contractor, etc–from the recommendations of friends and family, or by looking at reviews online. I have never owned a diesel vehicle, but I’d assume that any reputable shop could work on one.

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There is a little tab up top of the page labeled Mechanic’s Files. That is where you find your fine local mechanic. I believe it is out of date, however.

As for “hopeless” there are a lot of folks helped by advice from this site as evidenced by numerous “thank you’s” posted to let us know when things worked out well for the posters. We don’t have a crystal ball, however, so we can’t know what we are not told.

As mentioned above the best way to find a good shop is by a referral from someone you have a personal relationship with. Be sure to tell the shop who it was that referred you, as this gives you some leverage in the relationship between you and the shop. Most local independent mechanics from my experience attempt to give good, quality service at a fair price. this is especially true when they understand the customer has other options for getting the job done. Most mechanics understand that having a repeat customers is the path to business success. I’d guess the sort of situation where you might run into an unethical mechanic is where your car breaks down out in the middle of nowhere, and you get towed to the shop the tow truck driver has friends, and this sort of situation could produce a conflict of interest. However that exact scenario has happened to me twice, and the mechanics both times have done good quality work at competitive rates, and in both cases went beyond the call of duty to get the car back on the road without delay.

There is one other situation where posters here have complained about shops, and that’s with dealership shop’s seeming to want to sell them services that might improve the vehicle, but aren’t required to address the immediate problem.

And remember the customer always has the right to say no. I was watching Green Acres the other day, and they have that Haney character who’s a sort of con man. He pulls up to the Douglas farm and delivers a bunch of plaster, presenting an invoice for $400. Douglas says “$400 for that? Let me see an itemized invoice!” Haney reaches into his pocket and gives Douglas another invoice, this time for $900. Apparently an itemized invoice is more expensive. Douglas says “that plaster couldn’t have cost more than $40, I’ll give you $50 for the load, which includes $10 for your delivery services.” Haney accepts this as payment in full, mumbling “I guess I’ll have to take the $50, I still have to pay the supplier $12 for the plaster” … lol .

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I went to a place called Diesel Service in the twin cities. They overhaul injection pumps and work mainly on diesel trucks so look for a truck service center that is busy and used by truck fleets.

You may not like my answer but here goes. When someone enters a post about finding an honest mechanic that tells me they’ve had issues in the past with mechanics.
If this is to be taken that most mechanics are incompetent and/or crooks it also tells me that the problem is not always the mechanic.


I agree with @ok4450 . . .

It might have been better if op had said they need to find a good mechanic who’s comfortable working on a 1998 Dodge diesel truck, or say they need to find a mechanic who specializes in dodge diesels


One of the local places that I’ve recommended to others in the past does have considerable experience working on Diesel’s and has built a great reputation in the area. There are probably a few options in the OP’s area but asking around and possibly just giving one of the shops a try (it’s how we’ve found longtime repair shops before)

But it’s been almost 30yrs since we’ve had a diesel in the family. Our favorite mechanic sold the shop unexpectedly and the new owners appeared to be not as well versed in the repair of diesel’s (to put it kindly)Called us after working on the car for a week and declared that it starts now, it took 3 attempts to get it to start when we picked it up and managed to get another week out of the car before being left again with the same problem.

There’s one on the Speedway across the street from Starbucks, he’s not cheap.

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@ok4450 and @db4690 respectfully, I don’t think we can tell from five words that the assumption is that most mechanics are crooks or incompetent. I hate to say it, and Kristine can correct me, but since we’re reading subtext into mere words, it could be that she’s intimidated by looking for a mechanic. Point is, can we please give her the benefit of the doubt?


That would be a completely bogus assumption. Remember the saying that refers to a donkey and two pronouns?

Diesels do not have ignitions as gas engines do. They have much higher compression than gas engines, requiring extra care in assembly.

The diesel fuel injectors have microscopic clearances. You can be a little casual working on a gas engine, but a diesel mechanic must keep things surgically clean.

You could take a diesel to a “reputable [gas] shop” for headlight work or brake work, or an alignment, but never for engine work. And most reputable shops would reject the job if you tried.

Since the OP specifically mentioned diesel, we have to assume she’s looking for engine work.

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The Shop that my family has used since the '90’s doesn’t specifically mention diesel work on their website but there is one just up the road that does, We haven’t had a Diesel in the family since 1990 so i know the specialists only by local reputation.

and there’s that word again…

When I want a good diesel mechanic, I just look in the mirror. But even I can’t afford my hourly rates…


No, enlighten me. My ass eats grass, but makes a mule out of me said the crossbreed.

The original poster said
I have never owned a diesel vehicle, but I’d assume that any reputable shop could work on one.

Do you know what you do when you ASSUME?
You make an [DONKEY] out of U and ME!

I had responded more literally but got flagged. Read the above and use your imagination.