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2007 Jeep Cherokee Diesel

Usually what seems to be too good to be true, is. I’ve seen a cherry 2007 Jeep Cherokee Limited diesel offered for $12,900 (26,000 miles). Kelley Blue book values this vehicle at $25,800. I’ve seen that all the regular suggested maintenance has been performed.

Would I be a sap to purchase this car or would I be a sap to pass it up? Waddaya think?

You best bet is to find a good, local, independent mechanic who knows diesels well. Pay them an hour of two of labor for a thorough inspection.

The worst used vehicle has to be a Jeep Cherokee. Consumer Reports seems to disagree with me. It is average but one of Chrysler’s better vehicles. With the diesel, I can’t see Jeep people fixing it. I didn’t even know the Cherokee came with a diesel. The gasoline engines were well rated for reliability, the diesel is an unknown in the Jeep. It’s a possible boat anchor.

I bet the OP meant Jeep liberty, and I Think the diesel engine is a older designed engine. Here is the wiki on the engine

Nope… not a Liberty, but a Grand Cherokee limited

The Grand Cherokee used a motor sourced from Mercedes Benz. An independent mechanic familiar with MB Diesels would have no issue with the motor.

Have you seen this car or is it on the internet? These trucks are still doing $20,000+ at the auctions, so I can’t imagine this is a dealer. It would be a great deal, however it sounds to good to be true and probably is.

The car is on the Internet… and I had been thinking of purchasing it and reselling it, but now I’m thinking I’ll just stick to my original business of finding a used car for my mother-in-law.