Diesel fuel stolen?

Commenter below said mechanic added something to a partially-filled gas can to kill the thief’s engine.
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I watched the YouTube video and read many of the comments…

My question is how does someone steal diesel by removing the fuel filter, they might get a pint by draining it, but since it is up higher than the fuel tank, and the fuel pump is not working replenishing it, that’s all they are going to get… Additionally, to get at the filter, you have to open up the engine compartment (as in tilt the cab…).

In the video, there was no lock on the fuel tank filler cap, so why wouldn’t someone siphon the fuel from there?


not really enough info form the video. If the tank was siphoned dry and then the driver tried to drive it not realizing what happened, the engine would use the fuel in the filter and then the filter would be filled with air. This is likely what happened. Refill the tank, prime the filters and drive on.

Luckily this was an older diesel. Some (perhaps many,) newer ones will self implode if you run them out of fuel. Some systems are very hard to get all the air purged out of and restarted if they run out of fuel. This person needs a locking gas cap, and to keep a better eye on the gauge.

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Just another B.S. YouTube video.


Locking cap’s didn’t deter whoever siphoned both tanks on the church’s 1989 E350 15pas van back in the mid 90’s. Moved to the parking lot on a high traffic street also owned by the church. Don’t believe they had any problems after that.