Diesel fuel mileage

Any owner out there of Ford 6.0L and Dodge 3500 who can tell me what their mileage is?

Ford: 18 hwy 14 cty
Dodge: 18 hwy 22 cty

Get the Dodge, stay away from the 6.0 Ford, the engine is junk.


PS: That’s for a 3/4 ton in each, but a 1 ton shouldn’t be much different. My buddy and I both pulled boats to Florida in February. He’s got a F350 SRW 6.0 and I’ve got a 2500 Dodge 5.9. If we stayed under 70, we were about even towing at around 14 mpg. The Dodge slightly less. The 6.0 is built to run 70+ the Cummins is geared to run 65 for max efficiency. I had a 250 6.0 before this Dodge and it was torrid around town and on country roads, the Dodge eats it alive off the highway in mpg category. Of course the 6.0 got pretty decent mileage on the back of the 6500 Chevy that hauled it around a lot.