Diesel for Lexus?

I have a 92 Lexus ES300 with 200k+ miles. The engine has died (long story) and I am planning on putting in a re-built engine. I’m wondering with the surge of bio-diesel engines…if there is a diesel engine that would fit into this car? Any suggestions?

Short answer - no, Toyota has none, and as far as I know, is not planning on any diesels that would fit your car. The conversion costs would far outweigh any fuel savings benefits, anyway.

Toyota is definitely planning diesel cars, but not for the immeerdiate future. Agree, nothing will fit your 1992 car in the diesel area. I would shop for a low mileage Lexus engine from a wrecking yard. Overhualing your present engine is not likely cost-effective.

The Lexus is one of the most durable engines made; I’m totally puzzled why you need an overhual at such a low mileage.

Yes, their Isuzu connection will result in truck/suv diesels, but I’m aware of no passenger car diesels for USA. They’ve put most of their eggs in the hybrid basket.

Toyota has Diesels…but NOT in the US. They can be found in Europe and South America. Wish they had them here.