1992 Lexus ES 300 seeking a rebuild

Love this car, it’s got a manual tranny. I’d like to have the engine rebuilt, maybe get a few more hp while we’re at it. Local Lexus dealer won’t touch it, and won’t recommend anyone to do the rebuild. Can someone recommend a long-established engine shop in the Pacific NW?

Probably because the cost at a dealership would greatly exceed the vehicles value and if they recommend someone and additional things need work than you are going to be upset at them.
This a Google search or find a Hot Rod shop and get ready to spend large dollars . Money that could be better spent on a more modern vehicle.

OK, 26 year old car and you want to rebuild the engine. You know this is going to cost you in the neighborhood of $2000 for a remanufactured engine IF you can find one and $2000 pulling it and $1000 replacing a bunch of parts while it is out. So $5000 for a stock rebuild.

There are “speed” parts for this engine so if you can find someone who will add a bit of HP on the rebuild, figure double, triple or quadruple the cost because the computer will need to be “tuned” for the new engine and it would be silly not to rebuild the transmission, install a heavier clutch install new axles and wheel bearings anon anon… And it might be a long way away, like Arizona or California. Speed is expensive, how fast do you want to go?


At the end of this, you will have a car with a new engine and old everything else with lots of un-obtainable parts needing imminent replacement. If none of this scares you, go for it!

Hei Mustangman: I’m not looking for a duplicate Boss or Shelby Cobra. Mainly, the engine has some minor oil leaks which made me think of rebuild. Then, since it’s never been overly muscular, I thought why not a little customizing for
a few more—as in, 10 or 15—hp? That shouldn’t overly stress the drivetrain, so I don’t see needing new clutch or suspension. I intend to keep this car forever or until it really does need new drivetrain, so I’m willing to put in up to $6-8,000.

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I intend to keep this car forever, or until one of us falls apart. And right now it’s looking more like I’ll be the first to go. As for the dealership, it was the “a few extra hp” that made them balk, in other words, they won’t do anything
that isn’t factory approved.

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Please don’t take this the wrong way . . . you might be making a mountain out of a molehill

Just fix the oil leaks and keep driving the car

What are these “minor oil leaks” . . . ?

You could buy a newer Lexus ES with a more modern engine and better power for that $6-8000 you mentioned

I don’t blame the dealership at all for their response to you . . . their job is not to modify cars

@cdaquila Hello Carolyn, while I think this OP is foolish to spend a lot of money on this vehicle I don’t see any reason that two of their posts have been flagged.

Sure, why not? Because even that small amount can double the cost of the basic replacement long block. Take a look at the links I added to get a better understanding.

And you’d go to all the trouble of removing the engine and transmission and NOT replace the clutch with at least a new one? That’s not a god idea. Same for the transmission. They don’t last forever and you might as well get it done rather than pay the labor twice.

And again, everything else in the car is 26 years old and no longer available.

And again, if none of this scares you, go for it!