Shoud I buy a new car

I have a 2001 Lexus ES300 with 180,000 miles. The car has been great but now the transmssion is going. It also needs a front “U” joint and a timing belt as regular maintenance. My husband wants to keep it for another 4 years and thus would like to have it fixed. I feel that the miles are too high but could we get another 100K miles out of it? I am grateful for any opinions.

If the car has been well maintained, I can see no reason you won’t get another 100,000 miles out of it.

If the car has not been maintained by the book, I would sell it since more expensive repairs will be with you in the coming years.

How much for a new tranny and timing belt?? Another 100K miles? That would be quite a stretch but not impossible…

What it boils down to, can you comfortably afford a new car? If so, now is the time…

You likely can get another 100k out of it. Just don’t expect them to be trouble/maintenance free.

U-joint is a normal item at this age and more of that will crop up. Timing belt is just annoying expense and fact of life of certain cars.

The real question is are you content in still driving it or itching to move on? There really no risk in fixing and see what happens. The car is not easy to sell anymore and value drop(depreciation) is not huge at this mileage/age.

It has been very well maintained. I would opt for a used 2006 Lexus as I don’t like the styling of the current models.

There have been owners, as reported in a Consumer Reports survey, who got over 400,000 miles out of their Lexus cars without major repairs. These are very well built vehicles, but they need to be maintained by the book.

Good luck!

Thanks! I always maintain my cars by the book. I’ve read Consumer Reports but I consider the transmission failure to be a major repair and wonder if others are in store…

I suggest that if your husband must run a Lexus to 280,000 miles, then he is not really a serious Lexus person; would do better with a new Corolla.