Diesel Engine problem

I just bought a new used 2006 Jetta TDI. I love it, except that it has a hesitation problem after it has been setting a while. Once the car warms up there is no more hesitation. He’s pretty certain the problem is not the fuel injector and he is still researching the issue. Now the engine light keeps coming on after 100 miles or so. The guy who sold me the car assures me that he will take care of everything, but I am worried I purchased a problem. The car has 135,000 miles, but I know diesel’s are good for 300,000.

Any ideas? commments

Might be an EGR problem, if so equipped.

Diesels are good for 300k miles IF they’ve been properly maintained and not abused. The same applies to gasoline engines.
At this point you have no idea who owned this car previously, how it was maintained, or how it was driven.

It could be an injector, air into a fuel line, dragging turbocharger, or any one of a number of things. A scan of the car might help.

It could also be something more serious like low compression on a cylinder. When the engine is fully warmed up the piston and rings may expand enough to raise the compression up to at least acceptable levels.
If the car were mine I’d run a compression test and verify there is not a mechanical fault with the engine. This would influence any further steps taken on this car or not; and if a problem does exist in this area may influence just how willing this guy is to take care of everything when this is known.

" but I know diesel’s are good for 300,000."

They are not good for much at that point…

Sure they are. They make a nice boat anchor or, sometimes, a decent rebuildable core.

  That CEL (check engine light) is just a kid in class waving her hand trying to get you attention because she has the answer. You need to have the codes read. Some places will read them for FREE. Try Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts. Get the exact code (like P0123) not just their translation into English and post it back here. 

  Since it is a late model diesel, most code readers can only access a small percent of the available information stored on the car's computer.  There are several generations of VW TDI readers, but I believe your 2006 can use the last two or three generations of VW readers. 

  The CEL means your car is trying to talk to you and tell you where it hurts.  

  Since you have a TDI I suggest you check out the TDI Club  www.tdiclub.com  They can help you out and they have a list of local mechanics that know TDI's and have the tools for them.  They also have a huge amount of on line information.  These guys really know their stuff.

When was the last time it had a fuel filter change? start simple.