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Dielectric grease on spark wire bad?

2004 Kia amanti

I have a p0304 and I’ve already changed the spark plug. The ignition coil looks good as well. But is it bad to have this much grease on the metal contact?

I hope you changed all the plugs.

You cannot tell if coils are bad by looking. Dielectric grease should cover inside of boot and electrode.

Try switching coil with another cylinder and see if the code changed.

Never used it, doubtful it does anything.

On the inside of the boot and the connector with the plug, not the electrode. It helps give a better connection and helps to get the boot off again instead of sticking on the plug. I always use it and on bulbs too.


don’t worry about removing grease from electrode, it will do no harm, only make things better

you were asked the question above if you replaced all plugs or only one, this is quite important question to answer

also, you were given advise to swap coil pack, also good to diagnose your actual issue

What part is the electrode? The part I showed?

The electrode is the part of the spark plug that sparks inside the engine. Just terminology.
The terminal is what you stick the plug wire on.

The electrode was a wrong statement made by me. @Bing corrected me accurately

Yes but I’m talking about the wire in the pic. That wire plugs into a ignition coil

Same difference. Just plugs into the other end.

Close the hood and back away slowly. Do it NOW and no one gets hurt.:scream: