Did the machanic do something to my car?

I have a 2005 Toyota sienna which is excellent condition. On march, I took it to local firestone station to change engine oil. I was told the brake light was out. I gave the green light to change the light. I did not expect my nightmare started. The next morning, I can not switch the gear from p to d. I told them the problem and was told accidentally the " switch" was broken. I argued with them and they fixed it for free. Then I noticed the airconditionor in the back was on even I turned it off when I hit the brake. I called them again, they looked at it and told me everything was fine. I did not notice it after. Last night, I was stopped by the police that all the lights in the back was not on! I do not usually drive at night so I do not know it was a problem until now. I am very angry at the firestone. Now they said it is not their problem. Are they liar or it was my bad luck? I complained to their main company and still wait to hear from them. Any suggestions? Thanks a million!

It’s impossible for us to say.

You admit that you don’t check your brake lights (which is why the cop had to tell you they were out) and so for all you know they had been out, or intermittently out, long before Firestone got hold of it.

It’s unlikely that a mechanic would mess with the gear shift’s brake safety switch when he was changing a light bulb.

I can think of no reason why the rear air would come on when you hit the brakes, unless someone wired the brake switch to the rear air conditioner relay. I can’t say for sure since I’m not intimately familiar with that van, but I doubt the two are even in the same vicinity, which would mean they’d have to do it deliberately as a practical joke, and it’s much more fun to wire the brake switch to the horn.

The best I can guess is that you have some broken wires, and as they move around when you accelerate and brake, they make contact with things they shouldn’t and cause the anomalous behavior with the rear air as well as killing power to the rear lights. If this is the case, I’d be more likely to suspect rodents than mechanics.

As you found out the hard way, Firestone is not the best place to go for auto repair.
For tires? Perhaps
For repairs and maintenance? No

Hopefully, you can work with the facility’s manager on getting your problems resolved.
Whether Firestone corporate will be of assistance with this franchise holder is questionable.

If you cannot get your problems resolved with the local manager or with the corporate folks, then your best recourse is probably through your Office of Consumer Affairs. Don’t waste your time with the Better Business Bureau.

And, for future reference, try to find a local independent mechanic’s shop. The prices are likely to be lower than those at Firestone, the mechanics are likely to be more competent, and you are likely to be more satisfied.