Did my new mechanic lie to me?



Some states have a more astringent law for tread depths, so check - you didn’t mention what state.
Here’s a link to both good advice about all that as well as best tires money can buy, great deals, great fit to your car + the ability to research/shop/filter each tires’s assets, e.g. you may live where it’s mostly rainy … or blistering hot … or whatever.

UPS will bring your tires to you or a serviceman to install. I take mine to Goodyear Tires, since they can spin balance & check alignment same visit - sometimes while I wait or lunch.


Checked out the website. Great resource! Thanks for sharing.


You should be able to find tires for half of that price. Shop around. If I were you since the tires will need to be changed somewhat soon. If u live where u get snow I’d suggest to change them in fall. No reason to get them rotated then. I think u are better off with the better tires in front. Of course I do not know how many miles or if you drive highway or city flat land mountains. But if your not driving in a more dangerous area fhese tires should last for a couple or perhaps a few thousand more miles. In the mean time keep looking for tire sales. Many places will have deals buy 3 get 4th free or %off sales.


Here is a great tip for that total beater car or truck that you barely ever drive that needs 1 or all tires replaced. Many service stations have used tires with half thread that people wanted changed. They have to pay to get rid of them. Some will gladly give away for free. And if your really handy they can be changed by hand pretty east. Just need something to break the bead. I use a tall jack. Place bottom of jack on bead have something for jack to push against and the bottom of jack will push down breaking bead. Then w some crow bars and soap take it off. Replace. U may want to get them balanced.



If any threads are showing through the carcass or the tread of a tire, that tire is unsafe to use and should be discarded immediately!


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So here’s a question/response

Suppose you are the owner of a beater that needs their set of bald tires replaced, but you don’t have much money

You head to that aforementioned service station and pay for them to install the set of half-used tires

Now that set of half-used tires is gone, and the service station doesn’t have to pay to get rid of them

Now they have your set of bald tires, and they have to pay to get of those, instead

Seems it’s good for the consumer, but at the end, the service station is still left with a set of tires they have to pay to get rid of

Unless I’m missing something, it’s a pretty good situation, but not perfect


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You don’t have to give the station your old tires.


I almost always change my own tires. Only motorcycle tires will I take in.


Well, that leaves the customer with the problem of disposing of the old tires themselves

Such as loading them in the back of your pickup truck . . . assuming the theoretical owner of the beater even has a pickup truck at their disposal . . . and heading to the town dump, or whatever place it is that accepts the used tires


Thread is what we are reading - tread is what is on tires - I was making a lame joke - lame jokes don’t work well sometimes.


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It’s pretty good deal for the station as well. They sell two sets of tires instead of one. The second set at a reduced price but still generating income where none existed before. And they still only have to recycle one set of tires. Seems like win-win to me…


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How in the world does software rotate tires and check wear? How great is the maintenance log? I can print anything I want in a log. What’s great is a record that the services were actually performed. Receipts are great for that.

Besides, how hard is it to figure out multiples of 20,000 miles or 10,000 miles on the car’s odometer?
I change my oil every 5,000 miles on many cars in my family fleet. It’s easy to look at the odometers and figure out 5,000 mile intervals (oil changes at 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000…).

Anyhow, most cars come with a cool maintenance schedule. It’s included with the car’s Owner’s Manual. Everything important for maintaining a vehicle is right there, spelled out by the manufacturer.

Don’t waste money on software that isn’t necessary. It just complicates the matter. Put it towards actually doing the maintenance!


I just use a notebook with all of my equipment in separate sections. A computer would be too cumbersome. How does a computer know what the car mileage is unless you plug it in. Then what’s the point? But tires should be rotated at 5-8,000 miles and that’s a good time to inspect them.