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Tire rotation


I took my wife’s Honda Civic in for the yearly inspection and asked the service writer if they would change oil and lube and to rotate the tires as the new tires had about 15K on them. I was told they would check for wear and would rotate them if they needed it. I suggested that if they can see the wear I am beyond rotating and in need of some major repair. I again asked if they would rotate them regardless and to add it to the bill. I rotate the tires on my 2005 Tahoe every 10K and manage to get close to 80K on the Wranglers. When we picked up the car the service guy said they needed to replace one windsheild wiper and they didn’t rotate the tires because they didn’t see any wear on the treads. After counting to 10 and taking a deep breath I suggested that if they were taking off two of the tires anyway if not all four to check the brakes AND I asked that they be rotated and I am prepared to pay for it what was the reason they did not do as I asked? Then I asked if they replaced one wiper for crying out loud why not replace both as a pair? He said they do as the tec. sees fit and as for the wiper they don’t replace both head lights if one blows. I think I need to find another service provider, your thoughts please. Thank you.

My mother called me last weekend and said her Honda dealer declined to rotate the tires because they didn’t think they needed it. I wonder if this is some sort of weird corporate mandate (please don’t take money when they’re willing to pay it?!) or if it’s just a lazy tech who doesn’t feel like fooling with the job.

There are lots of good independent mechanics out there. Find one. It’s not that hard.

My local Acura dealer declined to do a valve adjustment at the specified time, even though I asked them to do it and would gladly have paid for it.

I did it myself at home, which the same place I make sure my tires get rotated as specified in the owner’s manual.

How curious. They were actually trying to save you money! This business model is too rare in the auto repair industry.

Don’t be too harsh on them. It sounds like a decent shop. On your next visit, be sure the service manager checks off the required services on the work sheet. Make sure he specifies “required” rather than “if needed.”

They are an independent shop working solely on Honda’s. I had to insist to the service writer that they rotate the tires when I brought it in. There was no “misunderstanding” if I wanted to do it only if it needed the work. I expect people who take my money to do what is reasonably requested by me the payer. Common sense is all that is required; if I were an idiot I would go along with the attitude that " I know best ". Forgetting to add insult to injury when I looked at where the car was parked a couple days after I brought it home there was an oil leak. As far as I could see the drain plug was leaking. The shop said to bring it in and called to say the fiber washer failed and they replaced it no charge. Better than the striped threads in the oil pan I was expecting. These guys need to stay off the air wrenches when they replace the drain plugs. A 3/8 drive ratchet is fine.

Money Savings Isn’t The Main Reason I Perform The Maintenance And Repairs On All Seven Of Our Cars. Care To Guess What The Other Two Reasons Might Be ?


[i] How curious. They were actually trying to save you money! [/i]  Yea, but doing so would be poor maintenance and may well cost more in the long run.

My Tires Rotate Themselves Every Time I Drive.
That’s The Only Tire Rotating That’s Done. I Usually Get 100,000 + Miles On A Set Of Tires On Each Car.