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Did changing my car's battery kill the deck?

I have (had) a Kenwood aftermarket radio/CD player installed in my car, which I’ve had for three years. I primarily use the auxillary jack for listening to my iPod.

Today I had my car battery replaced (with a new DieHard Silver). I listened to my iPod on the way to have it serviced, but when I got in my car to drive home, I plugged in my iPod and nothing happened. In fact, the deck wouldn’t even go into AUX mode; it would only select “Tuner” for the radio or “Standby”. I checked the cord and everything looked fine. The iPod is also working fine. In addition, when I went to turn on the radio to have something to listen to on the way home, I realized I had lost all my radio presets. This makes sense to me since it was completely without power for a short time, but would this also fry the auxillary connection?

If you have the instruction sheet for the deck there might be an anti-theft security code or device that needs to be reset, due to the disconnect of the battery.

Most repair places know enough to clip a small portable battery on before they remove the old one and install the new one. Apparently this shop didn’t know that, or they were lazy, or perhaps they couldn’t find the clip on battery.

Other things will also go out, such as the data in your car’s computer.

Dig up the documentation on the Kenwood, it should tell you how to get things working again.

Does your radio go into AUX mode as soon as you plug in the little cord? If so the insides of that port could have gotten screwed up…try unplugging and replugging in the cord to port several X.

If you have to select AUX before plug in…then there may be some logic circuit that needs to be reset in the head unit before it even realizes that it has AUx capabilities… My guess

What model is your Head unit?

Try pulling both the radio fuse and the fuse that provides power to the unit with the ignition off, wait 15 mins, then replace them. (or disconnect the wiring harness from the back) It may just have its brains scrambled and need the equivalent of a reboot to fix it.