Diconnect battery or remove bulbs?

Just picked the Explorer up from the shop getting a new radiator. This question has nothing to do with the radiator, but the fact that the mechanic was not gentle on the drivers door like I’ve learned to be. Now, the door wont latch. It will close and lock, but still reads DOOR AJAR. The thing is, there is no way to keep the interior light from staying on…except to disconnect the battery. Until I can get this fixed, can I remove the bulbs from my interior lights, or will the battery still run power to them even without a bulb? Trying not to disconnect the battery everytime I park.

year, make, & model . did you call him (the mechanic) and ask him about the light ?it might be something simple that knocked out of place.

If the Explorer is like my wife’s 98 Windstar the light/door ajar switch is in the door latch. Try spraying some CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner in the latch while working the door handle to clean the switch contacts. WD-40 will work in a pinch, but the contact cleaner is a better choice.

Ed B.

Its a 95 Explorer, 4WD

Yes you can remove the bulbs to save the battery but this is a nuisance. The problem is clearly in the door switch as edb mentioned. Get to work on this switch and the problem will be resolved.

Once the door panel has been removed you can reach into the door and unplug the switch and leave it unplugged or twist the switch to remove it and clean the contacts or replace it. That switch has been a problem for many years.

@meggybucks don’t be so quick to blame the mechanic

This is a common problem on many Ford trucks and SUVs

It would be easier to just pull the appropriate fuse out until you get it fixed.

Most cars have a way to turn off the interior lights as well as turn them on with the door closed. Read your owners manual.

This is a common problem with many aging Fords like that. I’ve had the same success as edb1961 mentions above. It’s a 5 minute fix with a can of spray.

@JoeMario I’ve also done what you suggested.

The problem is that it’s often not a permanent repair.