Diagnosis needed here!

What causes a car to loose power and jerk especially on low speed? It feels like braking and then releasing.Did service recently and plugs checked both are just fine. Brake pads are also in good shape. I doubted my old tires but the problem is still there despite buying new tires. What should i get checked?Kindly advice!

Do you have a check engine light ? Year and milage?This is not as simple as it look because there are many things that can cause your issue.Most common are moisture buildup inside the distributor,frayed ignition cables, bad ignition coil over(if applicable)dirty air filter,bad gasoline,bad injectors.clogged catalytic converter etc. My advice is to find a good independant mechanic and let him diagnose your problem and fix it for good.


When my Corolla did that it was a bad coil. Might be a place to start. Of course it would be nice to know what year Corolla you’re talking about.

Thanks for your advice! Highly appreciate. Its a 2013 Toyota corola, 92,000km on odometer. No check engine light. The car runs fine at higher rpm and picks speed quite well but the jerking is noticed at only low speed.If i run a diagnosis will i be able to know what causing the problem?

Its a 2013 corolla,in good shape. I’ve been doing service timely. Will check coil and see. Thanks soo much!

Thats funny! I have a 2012 Corolla. A bad coil will throw a PO353 code but you have none of that.

My bad coil caused the check engine light to come on. Since it feels like the car is braking you might have a caliper that’s hanging up or an issue with the ABS. I’d have the brakes checked out.

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Do you have a pay per mile device installed? I have just diagnosed that as the cause of a similar issue with my 98 Corolla. Pulse device removed, runs flawlessly.

I doubt if Abdullahi will see this as he has not been here for 2 years . Also what is this pay per mile device ?

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Device from Metromile insurance that plugs into obd to track miles

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That company has really bad ratings and that is the only way they insure vehicles .


Thanks keshertzer:
Good info. I just read up on the Metromile device. That’s not the only problem to be aware of.