2016 Corolla Shaking and accelerating issues

Hello. I have a 2016 Toyota Corolla L 39,000 miles. 1.8l engine.

I have no check engine light on.

Back in early Summer the car was not accelerating very well when going up hill and when first starting out into traffic. Thought it might be ac and the heat but now we have much cooler temps and no ac running and the car sill accelerates poorly at times. Not like it was with ac on max but still not what I would consider normal.

Car has also began being much more shaky and bumpy. I can really feel it in the seat. Not so much in the steering. I had new tires put on thinking that might have been the problem and they needed them anyway. Not the tires…the shaking and bump is still there. No issues with ball joints, etc. from moving tire up and down. Things seem good there. no abnormal tread wear on tires.

Also when stopped and idling with foot on the brake (red light or drive thru line) The car make some vibration in the brake pedal and a light noise coming from engine.

I feel like i’m in a roller coaster at times. If I prop by leg towards the door you can see my leg skaking and it is very annoying…I am assuming a issue with spark plugs would have thrown the check engine light?

I rarely see issues with a Corolla at this low milage.You need to take your car to the dealership or an independant mechanic that can diagnose the car properly.

I’m wondering if the problem could be related to the VVT system.
VVT problems can arise from using the wrong grade of oil, and are frequently caused by failure to change the oil often enough.

If you are driving less frequently nowadays–as most of us are–are you changing the oil on the basis of elapsed time, rather than on the basis of odometer mileage?

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Does your check engine light come on when you turn on the key but don’t start the engine?

It is just a gurss given your vauge symptoms but it sounds like you might have a vacuum leak.


I will check some of these things out. Is the Corolla known as having a rougher ride?

The cars I am use to driving have been older V6. Perhaps the ride just isn’t as smooth since it not as heavy.

The braking/engine shaking is intermittent so hard to really feel it long enough.

We leased a 2015 civic, even had cvt… It rode fine. Certainly ok at highway speed. I would be surprised if you think a newer Toyota/Honda 4cyl would be lacking in acceptable ride and have meager performance. Blaming the issues on 4cyl vs 6 cyl? Something is wrong with your car.

Does this use a CVT tranny . If you aren’t used to it they can seem sluggish and not refined compared to a normal transmission .

It has a stand 4 speed automatic trans. No CVT. I purchased it without that purposely after hearing some poor things about that type of transmission. not necessarily with Toyota but in general with CVT.

I just think of older model say my last car a 2004 Taurus which was a V6 and much heavier to be a smoother ride which is what I meant in 4cly vs V6. It was older and the same as the 90’s model.

That versus the 2016 corolla to me is lightweight and more fuel economic…Just thought the ride would be less smooth. I have also heard Camry’s ride much smoother than the corolla and read some reviews about corollas being a bit bumpy.

I am just trying to figure it out on my own and looking around. At only 40K miles I was hoping I wouldn’t have any shaking.engine performance issues yet with the reliability of Toyota.

I don’t like going to the mechanic. You never know if what you need is what they are telling you…and tampering for repeat business. You just never know. I guess you have to trust one some time or another but I try to figure things out on my own to start.