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Jerking, hiccuping, non-accelerating Corolla

A month or two ago, my 1989 Toyota Corolla (187k mi) started having a few problems: it felt like it was hiccuping, especially when I went up hills. The check engine light would go on sometimes, but sometimes not. I took it to my mechanic but he could find nothing wrong with it.

The problem persisted, so I took it back to him and he gave it a tune up (about a month ago), but the intermittent hiccuping is still there.

Just recently (the past 2 days), it’s gotten REALLY bad. Now it’s not just hiccuping, but jerking a lot and I’m having a hard time getting up to and past 50 mph on the freeway.

Does anyone know what the problem could be???

It sounds like a fuel filter or fuel pump issue.

What was done in the “tune up”?

Air and fuel filter, spark plugs changed.