1997 Buick LeSabre stalls repeatedly

my buick lesabre limited keeps on stalling its a 97 with a 3800 motor145.000 miles

Check engine light on?

yep its coverd with tape

You can leave the tape on if you wish, but you need to get the codes read.
Then post the codes (P0123 format) here and we might be able to help.
Plus, indicate what you have done and number of miles since maintenance was performed.

Why? Because you don’t want to fix it properly?

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try cleaning the throttle body , if you dont know how its not much money for a mom and pop place to do it.

A faulty crankshaft position sensor can give this symptom. Often it’s OK until the engine warms up, then fails, Eventually it fails 100% and you get a cranks-no start.

seems like everything has been tried its a beautiful car but im tired of throwing good money after bad and im talking lots of money .thank you for your coment

I hate to say it but my Riviera had the same issue. I finally had to put it down at 530,000 miles. I tried everything. Had it in the shop twice. Fuel pumps, crank sensor, and even an ignition switch. Rewired everything from the pump, etc. Tried everything folks here and there suggested. I’d take it out at night with a test light on the fuel pump circuit and a fuel pressure tester taped to the windshield and after about 7 miles it would stall. No codes, no loss of power at the pump or drop in fuel pressure. Start right up again. After the ignition switch I thought I had it licked and started driving it again to work, then started stalling again. Bang, shoot the horse, I’m done with it-trade cars. Got $500 for it though and it looked so great in the parking lot.

So I don’t know what else to say. Comes a point when you just give up.

How about the ignition control module?


thanx guy i need to get rid of it

sorry bing but i sent my reply to another car advisor .ill tell you i think your wright i have to put it down thanx 4 the advise .

Like I said I tried about everything including swapping the coil, ignition module, and computer. No dice. Must have been electrical somewhere, but where? Maybe needed a whole new wire harness. Soulda’ been donated to a school to figure it out as a class project. Would have been nice to know, but good luck anyway. Maybe one of those devices that records everything while driving but then again it can’t record everything and I had no codes.

Now even with new cars the reason there is a lemon law is that some things are just impossible to find without tearing the whole car down or replacing everything.

Before you do anything take it to an auto parts store and get the code read, then the experts on this site might be able to help you. Without the codes they are lost.

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The first task for a car that stalls is to determine if the problem is no spark, or no fuel. Has that been determined yet?

Agreed. Could be a simple fix like a bad egr valve, bad maf sensor, etc. knowing the code would help.

If there are codes stored, yes, that’s important info. But sometimes if a car stops running without running poorly first, there’s no off-kilter data to trigger a code.

Good luck and please keep us updated.

Well, he originally said it “keeps on stalling”, so I assumed it must still start and run rather than just be dead in the water. The engine just randomly stalls, which you’d think might trigger a check engine light under that piece of tape lol. Sounds like he’s ready to get rid of it anyway.

My 99 Buick LeSabre wood stall randomly, finally diagnosed it out to the crankshaft sensor change that sensor and it hasn’t stalled since