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Dextron III ok to use for power steering in 1990's Toyotas?

A friend of mine, she’s out of work due to the bad economy, and needs to save $$$. I’m showing her how to do the routine maintance on her 1990’s Toyota econo-box. She’s inspected the fluid levels and discovered the power steering fluid is low. She’s never added to it before, so it probably just needs topping off after 20-odd years. The lid on the reservoir says to use Dextron II ATF. The auto store doesn’t sell Dextron II. They say Dextron II is illegal to sell in this state – and they only offer Dextron III, or Dextron 6 (which is a synthetic). The guy in the auto store said not to use the synthetic, as the synthetic may not mix well with the Dextron II already in there.

So should she use Dextron III for topping off her power steering? Will mixing Dextron III with the original Dextron II cause any problem?

Yes, dextron III is the proper fluid to use.

Your friend is very lucky to have a friend like you.

You can use Dexron III in a Dexron II hydraulic system.

Dexron III is an improvement over Dexron II. Dexron III supercedes or replaces Dexron II and that’s why you can’t find Dexron II.


Dexron 3 supersedes Dexron 2, as Dexron 2 is no longer made. It’s the same, just a little better. Use Dexron 3.

Tester beat me to it.

Thanks to all for the info!