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Dexron and peak global mix

So ac went out in June. Had a recharge and dye put into by my reputable shop. The car sat at the cabins for 6 weeks. 2003 trailblazer that I had switched to peak global long ago. Picked it up thursday. Went today to look at stuff. Shop was sold to new owners I did not realize at the time when I dropped it off. New ac condenser bu the guy said if I smell a coolant smell it is because it lost a bunch of coolant when changing the condenser and he hosed it off as best he could, including the mess on the shop floor. The overflow tank is orange instead of green. I am thinking maybe dexron was added. Do I need to worry? Peak global might be amber, I am not sure.

I am thinking maybe dex-cool coolant was added

I wouldn’t blame the shop for adding the orange dex-cool . . . since that is what the truck is technically supposed to get

Can’t blame anybody for topping off with the correct coolant that every service manual and the owner’s manual says to put in

“Peak global” sounds like generic univeral coolant . . . which is often/mostly green

If the guy did indeed top off your coolant reservoir with dexron atf instead of orange dex-cool . . . then he’s a moron who doesn’t deserve any further business from you

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Hear that! Meant dexcool, my bad

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