Just curious

the cars i have now use Dex-cool. I’ve read all about the Dex-cool problems? i had the intake gasket changed on one of them. so far so good on both of them? my question is i have a gallon of prestone 50-50- mix left from previous cars— can the prestone (if needed)be used with the Dex-cool. i think the color of both of them— dexcool(orangist) and prestone (green) kind of make me not want to mix them?? but is it o.k. to mix-- just curious?? thanks for any help. have a great holiday


DEX-COOL appears to be incompatible with other anti-freez specs, regardless of color. If your container specifically says it is the same spec as DEX-COOL, OK, other wise just take it to your recycling depot.

I wrecked a radiar a few years back by adding something other than DEX-COOL.

thanks for the help clearing my mind. i think i will sell the gallon later on!