"Deuce and a Half" multi-fuel military surplus trucks

It doesn’t look too spectacular on Google earth but at cold weather training in 1970 we hooked 7 deuce 1/2s together, we called them 6 bys, and drove up one side of Mt Fuji and down the other in the dark. The hard core 4x4 crowd would be amazed at the terrain that we covered. On several occasions only one axle would be on the ground and only the lead truck could see ahead. The rest of us were looking into the faces of the crowd stuffed in the truck ahead.

They make great farm trucks - we have a customer who bought a Unimog for his farm: http://youtu.be/hWgZqC6baOM I won’t post a bunch of links here but there are a few videos on our channel about how to use military surplus on your farm. I would do some research to see what type of military vehicle would suit your needs, but quite a few of our customers buy them for farm use. Let me know if I can help you figure it out, even if you decide to buy it elsewhere.

We get Navy ships from time to time too - sold as is, not as scrap. One guy made a party barge out of a Naval cruiser and named it Parrot-dice. LOL!

John Wayne bought and converted a WWII mine sweeper after the weapons were removed.