Depriciation on a vehicle after an accident

I have a 2003 Honda CRV with 51,500 miles on it and all maintenance records. Private party blue book is $13,500. I was rear ended a month ago. There was $7,000 worth of damage including straightening of the unibody. The insurance company wants to give me $1200 in depriciation to the vehicle saying the frame damage doesn’t depriciate the value of the vehicle any more than that. Everyone I’ve talked too said frame damage greatly depriciates the value. I just want what’s fair. The dealer said trade in value would go from $8,000-$9,000 down to $3,000 with frame damage even though the car has been fixed. What is fair for depriciation? I don’t want to file a claim with my ins. company because they said it might increase my rates. HELP

At over 6 years old I seriously doubt at trade in the frame will be inspected for damage/repair. Especially if more years pass.

The dealer is blowing some serious smoke at you.

With 7 grand worth of damage, including frame, I’d tell the insurance company to give you 13.5 and they can have the car.

Look at it this way. If a similar car was on the lot for 13.5 and you found out while car shopping that it had 7 grand of repaired damage would you give 13.5 for it? Probably not. You would be very antsy about the car.

You might consider checking with your state of residence’s insurance commission.
Here in OK if damage meets or exceeds 60% of the vehicle’s real value, not Blue Book, they generally total the car out.
They do the same thing with homes. A fire causes 60% damage of the appraised value and it’s a total.

You may have to push and shove on this to go further than where you are. Ins. companies are not in the business of being nice guys and giving you fair market value.

I agree with Andrew on this one. I doubt if the trade-in or sale value has changed that much. Trade-in values are almost meaningless anyway as they are by definition part of a larger deal. If the customer is looking mostly at the trade-in value then that value will be up, if they seem more concerned with the new car cost, that will be discounted. The dealer does no care as long as he sells cars.