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Depressed college girl

I heard Leah this morning and couldn’t help but be concerned. I knew someone who committed suicide because he thought he had to get a real job instead of be a river guide. After 13 years,much of that time off, I graduated with a degree in Parks and Recreation. I loved it! She mentioned NOLS. I think she could work for NOLS, Outward Bound, Adaptive Sports, Recreation Therapy, the National Parks- you get the idea! Be happy. You can always finish school later, if it is that depressing. Major in recreation!

Remind me…What is the car ??

Amyshine, Put your post in contex please, I am always concerned when I learn of peoples suffering, but I don’t know whats going on here, Who is Leah? a member of the show’s cast? I am (and so do many of the people who answer questions on the Forum)aware of the pressure school puts on you,It is a important activity,and if you don’t perform you can loose your aid.

UA OH! you have gone and done it now, you earned your wings this week. I just heard the show on WNIJ from NIU, I am so touched. The Letter from Leah at collage.

Who could know how low Leah was, or if she was going to get over this rough spot in her little life, GO Leah! You now have a couple of real crazy angels on your side disguised as car mechanics, call them; use that connection you?ll be helping the lot of us. Goes without saying you both have a lot of leverage with listeners. Car stuff or not, the lighthearted fun and joy draws many of us in. Who cares why, it?s a gift, and I hope you were somehow a lifeline for her, and you both excelled!! I would love an update; I would like to know that she would sail through this.

I am an older Veteran, seen a lot of depression, It takes a lot of very hard work and good support to overcome it. I am doing very well and I know I will fight it the rest of my life. This year I lost a close buddy to suicide, and I?ve heard a lot of rough statistics on Vets coming back from the hell in Iraq. I have to be honest; I don?t have a clue why I?m sharing this, It?s, definitely not about misplaced sympathy, there has to be more than that and a seriously limited VA. Some day maybe I can help, in some special way, something not only a Veteran can hook onto, but anyone caught up in those dark questions. You both have me encouraged.

I hope you?ll understand I am not directing onus on ether of you, or NPR. It?s just that your effort with Leah was so poignant and hopeful I had to write. Now I can look forward to car advise and an occasional mental overhaul from the Car guys each week. Maybe more of ?us? in this unexpected and odd way can find a way to sail above the dark with simple acts of courage mixed with lifter from people like you two. Thank your crew also please

Thank You Tom ?9 lives? Magliozzi, Ray ?of Hope? Magliozzi.

Take these wings and fly, Click and Clack, they are yours, no restrictions.