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Can old cars be a source of your depression?

I just realized something as I signed up for this site and was composing a message that I intended to post in the “maintenance” section. I was hoping to get some good advice on what to do but then I realized that I only wanted someone to tell me to get rid of my ailing “popular import car back in the '90s” which now makes a high-pitched noise when revving after being repaired. The more I thought about what I could write about it and possibly make a youtube video, the more I started hating myself. It’s always been loud and stiff both inside and out (the previous owner had “fun” with and also “upgraded” it.) Upgrading to a functioning stereo system with bluetooth would be very cost-prohibitive considering the age of the car. Maybe it is time to a) get a legitimate full-time job and b) save enough money for a car made in the last 5 years that has fully-functional components, and the interior is both quiet and comfortable. This is something I also want in life that I haven’t been able to also legitimately experience yet, a quiet house/condo where I’m alone and there’s no animals or other people living there that I have to deal with. “Coming and going when I please” is the most envious thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

I’m relatively resistant to change and any sudden change is fairly jarring to me, but I think a series of changes including getting rid of this tired car since I’ve had and driven solely since 2008 might improve my quality of life.

I Have Discovered The Solution.
Old Cars Can Be A Source Of Depression.
Newer Cars Can Be A Source Of Depression If One Makes Payments.
Factory Warranty Remaining On The Newer Car Reduces Chances Of Depression, Also.

Save The Money First And Then Buy A New/Newer Car With Some Factory Warranty.

I’ve driven the same car for the last 5 years and nothing has given trouble. My 2007 Toyota (paid for in cash) is still full of life. Today’s cars last a long time and 5 years is just 1/4 to 1/3 of the way so far. My previous car was sold at 19 years of age.

I’ve known people who bought expensive and unreliable cars and had trouble paying them off and keeping them running. In that case, the car was a real source of depression, although the owners needed money mangement help.

As others say, if you want a newer car, save up enough to make up the difference; then go shopping.

I’m no psychologist, but I sense a dissatisfaction with life and a desire to withdraw. Happiness cannot be found in your possessions, nor does depression originate in them. If you’r etruely suffering from depression, start by talking with your family doctor. He/she can rule out physicall causes and refer you to help or support as appropriate.

Sincere best.

I have to agree with mountainbike.
If somebody is eager to distance himself/herself from both people and pets, that can be a strong indicator of clinical depression.

Rather than trying to relieve depression by selling this old car, a visit to a medical professional may be the best course of action.

@VDCDriver I agree with you and @mountainbike. Some of the happiest and most well-adjusted people I know drive old cars and could not care less about posessions other than what those things can do for them. Seeking medical help would be a good step.

Life is for living and enjoying the environment we live in with people, pets and the outdoors. “Things” are only a means to an end.

I’m with you on this.
My Civic just cost me a tow (insurance paid), taxi, and $325 repair all because I bought a $12 bicycle which I discovered needed a new shifter at $60. I won’t even ride this bike-for neice’s BF at Beach House.

I’d also like to get ride of some teeth which has cost me $800 this year. One would think a gold tooth would be forever…the tooth is free but the carie under the gold cost a bundle.

Sincere best on that dental work longprime.

I dunno, I was pretty happy when I got rid of my 20 year old Buick with 530K and a stalling problem. I never looked back and it was like a fresh start in life. Shoulda done it sooner.

Make the shifters at $120. Decided to replace the crank shifter.
Dental work is done-question is PAYing for dental, auto repair, and bike.

If one is constantly having to fix things on their car, and money is tight, then yeah, it can.
The “upgraded fun” the previous owner had is probably causing some of the problems you’re having now.

I’m with @Same.
If a car causes you to worry especially if it’s unreliable, I get I. But, if a car depresses you, I would look elsewhere other then the car for the cause. They are inanimate objects. They can depress your pocket book, but not your mind. I guess there is something else going on.

Longprime, I know the feeling.

I had and continue to have high hopes in this bike for being Cromolly, newer group set, good, chain, and in my size. I added a rear rack, and I have an aerobar both bought inexpensively. Maybe I can make this into a $350 bike from an original investment $132.

Such can be said of a well used but good looking and serviceable car.
I will let you know next week if the car repair gets me down.

Bought a $30, 18" B&S mower. Good blade and starts great.

“Bought a $30, 18” B&S mower. Good blade and starts great".
Anything having to do with mowing depresses me. However, if you got a good mower for $30, that’s less depressing than paying at least 4 times a much for a new mower.

And the other guy is saying “I got rid of that dang mower and even got 30 bucks for it”. Still got a foot of snow on the ground here so it’ll be a while.

@Bing "And the other guy is saying “I got rid of that dang mower and even got 30 bucks for it”

That other guy gave the mower to Habitat and claimed $100 on his taxes. I suppose and I would. No primer button so you know that it’s a cheapie and OLD. The push bar has a horizontal play of 8inches, and the low side made for woman. No stops on the push bar so its rather awkward pushing going up or down a slope.

Three things that I have heard come to mind.

Boring cars do not make good memories.

You do not own anything in this life, everything you think you own actually owns you. You pay for it, house it, support it and protect it.

And one I heard this week end, If you’re not living on the edge, you’re just taking up space.

Seriously though, an old unreliable car can be depressing, but it does not give you depression. Talk to a professional, they really can help.

One last thing, I used to have Fiat sports car so if you want to swap stories, I’m here. I don’t think there is a sad story of unreliability that you can tell me about your current car that I can’t top.


I was feeling that my $40 office chair at home was getting too shabby and old. I saw an ad from Staples for a $269.99 chair that seemed like the best thing going. With discount and $50 coupon I paid $119.99 and put it together. I feel great about it.

I’m still looking at new trucks but I won’t be buying one any time soon. I’ll just sit near my desk and pretend I’m in a new Lexus.