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Dent Removal

I have a car in good shape except for a lot of small dents, mostly in the range of size of coins, some a bit bigger. The paint looks undamaged in these spots. I recall these “dent removal services” that, I think, pop them out rather than doing filler. Decades ago I was warned not to use them: the word was it broke the undercoat layer beneath the paint, and you’d eventually get a cancer spot. Was this advice true? Is it still true?

I have used painless dent removal several times with good results. IMHO, it does less damaging than disturbing the original paint and repainting. It’s also very cheap, about $100-200 for a typical dent.

The person that said not to use them was probably a regular body shop.

I’ve not seen any problems from it, and we use them quite a bit on hail storms. I really wish more shops would learn the technique, I believe it would save us a lot of money, but regular body work pays more, so I doubt they will.


The place I use is a real mom and pop place run by a guy and his son. It’s in between a row of used car dealers, he does most of his work cleaning up cars for them.

Here’s a video of paintless dent repair.


How much does this cost per dent? Most of mine are small, more like “dings”.

Maybe $100 each for the small ones. Maybe you can get a better deal if you have a bunch of them fixed at once.

The person that said not to use them was probably a regular body shop.

Or it could have been somebody with no clue about what they were talking about.