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Delta 88

I just recieved a 1978 delta 88 from my uncle and he said the car had only 65,000 miles on it. I was curious to know if the odometer rolled over yet. he said it hasnt. is there any other way to tell if it has?

I think mechanical odometers of that period had a built-in indicator to show if the odometer was rolled back or broke the 100k barrier. I never saw a car from this period make it to a 100k so I’m not sure.

I would be surprised if a 78 Olds could make it to 165k. My Dad’s 78 Cutlass had about 96k miles when the mechanic refused to do any more repairs as it was falling apart. It was a city car so it had a rough life. Anyway, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Ed B.

If it was your uncles car he should know. I’d take his word on the mileage. If the car had 165K miles it would show a lot more wear and tear than a car with only 65K. Seats, pedals, etc would be much more worn.