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Defroster on '96 Neon

Yes, it?s true. There are still people driving 1996 neons. Our Neon had a bit of trouble. About December 14th there was a blizzard that hit North Dakota. My wife and I went to work, and the car got stuck in a snow drift. There it stayed for about 4 hours. When we finally got it out and tried to drive it, the heater blower wouldn?t work so the windows froze up. I replaced the blown fuse and was rewarded with a blower that didn?t work and another blown fuse. I guessed that the blower was frozen up, so I gave up on it for a few days. I put a small space heater in the car and ran it for about an hour, replaced the fuse again and it worked. Yay.

That is when I found the real problem. I can?t change the heater direction to defrost the window. It is stuck on floor/vent. If you turn the dial to defrost it sets there for a second then springs back to where it wants to be. I thought, logically, that there must be a poltergeist trying to control the heat. I changed it back and held it, but it still didn?t blow through the vent. Does anyone have any ideas?

Either the adjustment cable is stuck or the vent door is jammed. You are going to have to get into the air box and see what is going on. You may be able to disconnect the cable at the far end and then see if it adjusts like it should.

Great… where is the air box?