96 Neon, no power

My Neon runs great when the engine is cold, but after it warms up, it starts to lose power, especially going up any hill. Another symptom is erratic shifting. From a dead stop, seems like it starts in second or third gear.(auto. tran.) I have to step on the gas to shift it into a lower(passing) gear.

Things I have done: changed fuel filter about a year ago, changed tranny fluid and filter, new catalitic converter, upstream o2 sensor. Added fuel injector cleaner, and new air filter. Any help woud be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Frustrated Tim

It’s not a bad idea to replace the sparkplug wires and at least take a look at the plugs every decade or two – especially when the car isn’t running so well.

Check Engine light? DTC codes? If the check engine light is lit, you can get a rough estimate of the code(s) on a Neon by switching between ignition on and off three times then counting flashes of the Check Engine light.