Defeating auto start/stop in 2017 Cadillac XT5

I only posted a link to help people on what I found not to spam if you are in heavy traffic this would make the car start several times this disables that thank you for your time

the feature is garbage and I won’t buy a new car unless you can at least turn it off .

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Great link, not sure why everyone is trashing you??? Should be very helpful to other car owners who can’t push a button to turn the idiiot thing off.

Gotta wonder what this does to the battery when someone is in stop go freeway traffic and the engine is constantly restarting. What about oil pressure comiing and going, does’nt seem too healthy for an engine either.

Not sure how this thread came back to life, i did’nt go looking for it.

My wife’s 2016 Kia Soul has this moronic “feature”, her routine is start the car push the button to disable this idiotic “feature”, put her seat belt on and go.

Her brother bought a 2019 Kia Soul and he is very happy that Kia no longer uses the start start feature.

Not to worry, they have $300 extra heavy duty batteries and prolly $600 starters to take up the cause of saving 3 mpg in traffic. Of course when they wear out . . .

Thanks I like this module make the car run like normal