2017 Cadillac XT5 - Auto srop issue

Auto stop works for a couple of days after dealer looks at it, then quits. Been to 5 different dealers and problem continues. Would like it to be working especially with $5 gas.

Most folks would be happy it stopped working, they find it irritating. I wouldn’t worry about it, it adds a small fraction of an mpg. Increase your tire pressure 1 psi and you’ll more than make up for it, I bet.


If you can ask them where the sensors are, Maybe they just need a little cleaning.

Some of the things that can prevent the auto stop/start feature from working are, AC running on a hot day, steering wheel turned at a sharp angle, or the computer has detected the battery is nearing the end of it.s life.



It is air conditioning season where I live, 85 to 90 degrees, engines won’t be shutting off at traffic lights.

Do all the rear brake lights turn on when you step on the brake pedal?

Also: not enough distance between stops, cabin temperature not at comfort level.

There are lots of reasons why auto-start stop won’t work

  • The car has been sitting for a few days without being driven an appreciable distance, the battery gets slightly discharged and auto-start/stop won’t be available until it’s fully charged, which can take 30-45 minutes of driving in some cases. It’s possible that your dealer charges the battery, and it then it works, but your driving habits are such that you don’t drive the car long enough to keep the battery above the threshold.

  • You are running the A/C or heat.

  • The engine is not fully up to temperature; Start-Stop usually only works if the engine is warm.

  • You move the steering wheel when at a stop

  • You have a high-drain electrical load on the battery (heated and/or cooled seats for example)

  • Your battery is weak/on the way out, a very real possibility for a 2017 model car

  • You have the transmission/car set to sport mode or something other than normal/eco.

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