Deciding between a Low milealge yaris vs newer model yaris with slightly higher miles

ok, so, there’s a 2010 Yaris with 12,000 miles for what I hope might be the same price
(if i can talk him down)

as a 2014 with 49,000 miles, and few other possibilities that vary in years and most have
the same 50,000 miles or so.

I’ll also say that I’m not a fan of the color of the 2010 but, that’s really not a major

They’re both have such low mileage, but I’m also concerned about someone putting 50,000 miles
on a car in just 2 years. (that might be normal, I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking.)

Last bit of info, they are actually asking more for the 2010 than the 2014, (there’s also
a 2015 out there), but that guy seems to have his phone number for different cars all over
craigs list. (might not be a big deal i duno, but he’ll probably want a little more ca$h.

I might know a mechanic that can help me look at them, but he’s private and busy,

Thanks Car Talk community!

How long do you plan to keep the car? I would probably go for the 2014 myself.

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I guess I’d be inclined to go with the newer car. I would be more concerned about a 2010 with only 12,000 miles and wonder why? Was it in the shop? Driven a mile a day and all gummed up? I’ve done 80,000 miles in two years on a new car so it just means highway miles. Not my kind of car though.

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i appreciate the replies (both of you) to answer barkydog (lol great screenname) I plan to keep it as long as possible, and in response to Bing, i believe the story was that he bought it for his daughter so she had something to drive at collage.

Your 80,000 miles comment gives me some hope, there’s a 2015 too (also with 50,000, but its too far away for my mechanic to entertain looking at it. And I probably wouldnt be able to talk him down to the price i want.

thanks again!

@bing Just because you and I are on the same page many times, what is your kind of car, and I have given up on a car that can tow a boat, for the gas money I save renting a uhaul truck for $20 4 times a year is feasable!

yeah im hoping the difference in both having what i consider low mileage 12,000 vs 50,000 might even make that consideration a moot point, Although I’m sure there’s some kind of specialty maintenance that needs to be done at the 50,000 mark

I like a little bigger car or at least with a V6. I can still pull a light trailer with the G6 but probably the next one will have to be a 4 since that’s about all they are making now.

Sorry to go off point from your original discussion, but with those numbers year of the car outweighs mileage of the car imhop, years or miles in routine maintenance, probably a wash.

Probably an unlicensed dealer, buying and selling cars. Make sure you run a history on the cars that are of interest to you. Cars with such low mileage should not have more than one, at the most two, previous owners. Beware of cars that were registered in flood zones.

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@propertyphoto Before you do anything go to the Toyota web site and use the build your own feature and you might find that new with warranty and lower finance rates will be your best move. After you make your choices the site will also locate vehicles as close to what you choose for you.

It’s 2017, not 2016, so that 2014 Yaris isn’t 2 years old, it’s at LEAST 3 years old, probably closer to 4, as it may very well have been built and sold in 2013

So 50K in 3 or 4 years is not unusual

Go for the newest car you can afford


First, did you read the warning about sellers on Craigslist? If you decide to test drive either car, meet at a safe place. My county police department sets aside several parking spots on their lot for buyers and sellers to meet. That way everyone can feel safe. Because craigslist sellers can be unscrupulous, you need to have a prepurchase inspection by a mechanic you trust. It should cost around $100, and can save you thousands on hidden problems.

That car has been driven–on average–~1,700 miles per year, which is a MAJOR red flag as far as I am concerned. That type of usage almost surely means that it was used solely for short-trip local driving, which is the absolute worst type of usage for an engine.

Unless you can verify that this car had its oil changed at least once each year, then it more than likely already has an incredible build-up of sludge in the engine, meaning that its future prospects are…dim.

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