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Decarb service

I have a 2006 Dodge Carvan. I went to the deal because my check engine light was on…They said the problem was that I need a new EGR valve. They also said that I need to have a decab service done at the same time.
My question is do I really need a decarb service or is this one of those extra service recommended but not need. My thinking is once i get a new EGR valve it will filter everythig out. Since I don’t know a lot about cars and have been burned in the past I am alway distrusting of the deal when he starts adding services on. please help.

You did not mention how many miles you have on the car, but I am guessing that they expect to find the passage to the EGR valve to be blocked (or partially blocked) with carbon and/or sludge. If that is the case, replacing the EGR will make the check engine light go out, but if there is no flow through it, you may still fail your emissions test (assuming that you have to pass an emissions test where you live).

I don’t know how much work it is to clear out that passage on your car. I had one nearly plugged up on a Volvo with 200k miles on it. I was able to disconnect and block the other end of the line, then I filled the line with SeaFoam solvent and let it soak overnight. The next day I worked it over with a piece of wire and got it pretty well cleaned out.

BTW, an EGR does not filter anything. Under certain conditions, it opens to let some of your exhaust mix in with the inlet air to the cylinders. This reduces NOx emissions.

If they call it a decarb service the answer is no. We also hope that a new EGR valve will fix the problem with the warning light. Their guess may be as good as anybody’s if you are lucky.