Dealership Services

Took truck to dealership today to get an ebay radio unlocked. Found an OEM radio upgrade (aux in port, cd player…my 13 Silverado was real basic). While at the dealer I decided to have them change the brake fluid and power steering fluid. Brake fluid I last did myself in 2016, power steering fluid never (did it once in my old truck). I try for brake fluid every three years or so, power steering every five. Obviously the radio I got cant be programmed to be used in my particular truck. At least the trip to the dealer spurred me to get the other stuff done. Power steering and brake fluid are just to the point of negligible enough to prevent me from taking the time to do it myself. $210 for both aint bad for dealer pricing either. Do most people change power steering fluid? I only started with my previous vehicle.

I’ve been trying to better follow the recommended maintenance in my manual. I don’t recall any power steering fluid replacements called out, so I’ve never done it. I can’t see how it could hurt and I wouldn’t think it a difficult or expensive job.

Did that ebay radio have an operation ID number engraved in it so it can be returned to the person it was stolen from?

I get brake fluid changed out with new brakes, every 80k or so. Never done pwer steering fluid, but have done front and rear differential, transfer case and transmission. I guess at 175k I did have power steering done as the line rusted out.

It was a wrecking yard’s online site. Just some incompatible part number. Shop foreman gave me a list of part numbers that will work. Paid 40 dollars more from online gm parts dealer for brand new unit with correct part number.

Ive done my diffs and transfer case twice, transmission 3 times. Next time I’m doing this brake and power steering stuff myself. Tech slopped stuff all over the place.