Lease return with small bumper rash, fix it or not

I’ll be returning my leased 2016 VW Passat soon and I’ve got a small rear bumper rash and I wanted to know if I should fix it before returning it back to the dealer. Its a small rash and this is why I’m not sure if the dealer would be somewhat forgiving or will they rake me over the coals? IMG_3615|375x500

They will rake you over the coals. Review your lease agreement in the area of normal wear and tear. Sometimes they will tell you the largest acceptable mark. I bet it is smaller than this damage.

Drop by a local independent body shop and see what it will cost you to repair it.

Also consider buying some matching touchup paint, watch a YouTube video or 2 about how to touch up marks like this.

Our leases included a damage and cost analysis proir to lease end. Get their estimate then decide

Whenever I lease I buy insurance from the lessor that covers me for small blemishes like this that exceed normal wear and year ( it’s about $8 per month). I’ve found it to be worthwhile.

When we leased this VW we added the additional warranty for blemishes I’m just not sure if it would cover this. I also worried if I was to go to the dealer they would note the VIN and hold it against me when I do turn it back in.

check your lease paperwork to see what size blemishes are allowed.

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The salesmen want another customer, it is in there interest to try and make it as painless as possible to get you into another vehicle.

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Looks like the damage is down to the primer.The trick is to order this very special touch-up pen because its a one step process.The paint is self- leveling an the color is premixed with the right amount of clearcoat.

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There a lease return guide for VW online. Toyota has one that givesl a clear idea of what’s not normal wear and tear. If it’s 2" long or under you’re fine according to the brochure.

Most companies to a lease inspection in advance. You’d know what’s covered or not and be able to get it fixed. You’re supposed to schedule one before turning the car in, including having all keys and everything else the car came with.

I would be more worried about the damage to the rim.

Thank you all for your input and insights. We returned the vehicle as is without any problems or charges. In the end dealer ended buying it back from us and paid us close to $1,700 as they didn’t have any used car inventory.

I have never heard of of getting a payment on a lease return . Usually the vehicle is returned and the lease payments stop .

Some leases do end up with a little equity.

I’ve never leased a car, but I could see this scenario. Effectively, the amount you pay on the lease is figured up front to equate to the amount that the vehicle depreciates over the life of the lease. If the vehicle depreciated less than expected, then you would technically be owed back that difference.

With that said, I’m surprised that a dealer would actually write this contingency into the lease agreement, rather than pocketing the difference.