Dealer recommendations for Kia Sedona maintenance - should I believe them?


My 2003 Kia Sedona van has only 23,000 miles. The dealer says it needs new front pads (3mm remaining), new rear tires (3/32" remaining), re-surfaced brake rotors, new belts for $252, throttle body cleaning for $145, and “fuel induction service” for $150. Any thoughts? I’m planning a 2000 mile trip next month.


I would say repair the brakes. 3mm is getting pretty thin and the brake rotors should always be machined or replaced whenever the pads are replaced.

It sounds like the tires are getting thin in the tread also.
If you price the brakes and tires around you can probably find a better deal from an independent repair and tire shop.

The belts are a good idea since they’re 5 years old and rubber degrades over time.

If the vehicle appears to be running fine then I would skip the induction/fuel system cleaning. There may come a time in the future when it’s needed but not now.
The one thing I would really consider that is not mentioned is a fuel filter replacement.

Hope that helps anyway.


Thanks for the advice. The fuel filter was replaced last month by the same dealer as part of the major maintenance recommended for every 12K miles.