2005 kia sedona


my '05 kia sedona has about 68,000 miles on it. should i trade it in or shouldn’t i ? it’s an '05, so i average about 22,000 miles a year.


I would keep it. 68K miles and only 3 years, it is still new in my opinion.


There’s not enough information in you post to answer your question. Why do you think you shouldn’t keep it? This vehicle is NOT high mileage. It will, however, probably need a new timing belt very soon, if it isn’t already due. This will cost some money. Several hundred dollars.

If you don’t replace the timing belt and it breaks, it will cost MUCH more money, because your Sedona has an “interference” engine, and a broken timing belt will cause internal engine damage.

I suggest you read the maintenance schedule that came with your owner’s documentation. Follow this schedule and you can drive this vehicle for MANY more miles. Ignore the maintenance schedule and you will probably be sorry.

If you think maintenance is more expensive than buying a new vehicle, then go ahead and trade. It’s your money.

If I were in your position, I’d do whatever the maintenance schedule says, and keep driving. It’s almost always less expensive to maintain than to replace. When your Sedona has 200,000 or more miles on it, maybe you should think about replacing it. Until then, DRIVE IT.


Well there is nothing in your message that would indicate any reason to trade or sell it.

I will add that in today’s economic situation, it might be wise to avoid any additional actions that might result in taking on more debt.


The outside looks alright. there’s a stain on the carpet mats though thats tough to get out.


If there is a stain on the carpets, then by all means you should get rid of it. (NOT)