After Oil Change at Valvoline car is stuttering when stopped and wheezing when gears are shifting

I have a 2007 Manual drive Hyundai Elantra with 98,000 miles on it.
Prior to going to Valvoline (who I know are not the best oil change places) if I was parked with foot on clutch and brake there was a tinny noise coming from the engine. I was going to have it checked out.

Fast forward I had my oil changed at Valvoline on Saturday (2 days ago) since then when parked with foot on clutch and brake the car begins to make a stuttering/shuttering noise and is shaking a bit (in time). In addition when I shift gears and go faster there is a wheezing noise.

I assume I need to bring this back to Valvoline? Is there anything that they could have done during the oil change that would cause this issue?
I didn’t get the air filter but it wasn’t that horrible.
They of course said I should get the radiator flush and the transmission flush.
Thakns for any insights.

Could be a faulty or knocked of vacuum hose. I have used the Valvoline place in the past, don’t beat yourself up too much. I would guess a vast majority of customers had no problem. I think a pan drop and filter change is preferred for Trans in many cases.

Thanks Barkydog - sounds like then if I bring it back to them they can fix easily.

We can certainly hope, but you may have better results taking it to an independent mechanic that could do a better job of analysis and repair. It is worth a try, but have plan b available.

Manual transmission, don’t do anything. There is no flush for one and the gear oil does not need to be changed. Unless the owners manual says different, the gear oil is good for the life of the transmission.

Whoever was trying to sell you a transmission flush was just repeating a script that they are required to use on all customers. If he doesn’t know the difference between the service requirements of an AT vs MT, you don’t want to take this type of problem to them. You need a real mechanic.

It’s God’s punishment for using Valvoline.

Melott - Aint that the truth! :slight_smile: