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93 nissan truck won't turn over

battery is good, starter is good, i took the ignition apart and by passed the tumblers. The truck will not turn over all i get is a clicking sound. there are a series of relays on the fire wall but the auto part guy says that there is no ignition relay for a 93 nissan 1/2 ton pick up. I guess the problem is in the wires somewhere… Is there a way to wire the starter directly to the battery and put a switch / starter button in the cab?I

There solenoid in the starter that may be the problem. It has two functions, one is to move the starter’s gear into the flywheel gears. It also activates the circuit to switch to apply current to the starter motor.

I’ll probably get burned for this, but when I was young and stupid people i knew would take a jumper cable from the positive of the battery touch it to the positive post of the starter motor, if it cranks you know it is something in between.
Use never, do not try this at home, etc. as recommended by Dewy, Cheatham, & Howe.

It is better to fix it right than look for workaround 747.

Will the engine turn over? If it is a manual transmission shift to 5th and push the truck and see if the engine turns. Or in neutral put a socket on the alternator pulley nut and turn the alternator. If the belt is tight and the engine is not locked up the crank should turn.