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Frontier won’t start

I have new battery. Alternator and starter checked out ok. Can’t see anything draining my battery. I try to start my truck it is completely dead? Nothing. Can jump it fine. But would like to find out why? Thanks!

The first thing to do is clean the battery cable terminals. Use a wire brush to clean them with, especially the contact surfaces to the battery posts. If the engine starts with a jump start then the trouble is with the terminal connection to the battery.

Hmmm… Things look pretty clean because just got new battery 1 month ago. Could it be a fuse or ground wire?

You can’t tell by looking when the terminals are hooked up. They need to be removed and cleaned, both the cable ends and the battery posts.

Definitely not a fuse because you wouldn’t be bypassing any fuses by jump starting. But a bad ground cable is a possibility if you are connecting the negative jumper cable directly to the Frontier’s engine rather than to the negative battery terminal.