Dead Rat in Brakes

Sweetest cat ever, but that siamese cat voice! That was why I named her Chani, Loved that lady in the books!

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It wasn’t too bad dragging a kitten out of the pulleys on a pickup and the owner didn’t complain paying the 1/2 hour minimum shop rate for 2 minutes work. All in a days work, isn’t it.

I also don’t get why the shops refused to remove a dead rat from the brakes. I did it on that SAAB and it was no big deal. Being paid well for doing a complete brake job on a near new car did not hurt things either; at least once the car owner settled down over the fact there is no warranty operation for R & R of a dead rodent.

About 10 years ago I started my Lincoln up one morning (summertime) and heard a horrible screech under the hood. I found a roughly 4 or 5 month old black kitten mangled in the serpentine belt with all of its guts hanging out and still alive. Getting a firearm out of the house would have prolonged things so I grabbed the handle for the car jack and bashed its head in. It may sound cruel but that was the fastest way to end the suffering. Quite a mess to clean up and no pay for that one.

I did that with a rabbit too. Just kept running around in circles though half dead. When we hunted, the first thing we’d do when we picked up a pheasant or duck that we shot was ring its neck to make sure it was dead. Sounds bad but quick and effective.

Me too. I want to see pictures.